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1.After years of cultivation, the company has formed independent design abilities in products style design, three-dimensional modeling design, tooling  and fixtures design, and actively participate in customer product designing and provide professional advice.

Rich experience development term 
Development base on 2Ddrawing and 3D model . 
Simulation analysis and in-house tooling modification.
Computer supervisory control system debugging.
Assisting the customer to ameliorate products design.

2.We are skilled in manufacturing and machining of medium and small-size parts with high requirement in complex construction and  air tightness.
     Adopt secondary partial pressurize technology, through secondary squeezing to guarantee the inner density, and the pass rate can over 99% under  the 20KG leakage test.
    Adopt surface coating and mold inner extreme cooling technology, to guarantee no strain on the surface of deep cavity parts, could be used to seal  directly and the machining process will be cancelled.
    Draft angle can be achieve to 0.3 degree, long axis core could be 300mm, with compact structure, no strain in the deep hole part.

3.Through the cooperation with foreign capital or joint venture, and the guidance of the customers, our company growing up year by year. Our products   exported to Japan and American and won high prise.